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Create a Youth Program Proven to Grow Your Church and Give Young People Ownership of their Faith


A Tried-and-True Process for Producing Youth IN Ministry


If you're among the 85% of small to average size churches struggling to build a truly transformative youth program, welcome to the majority!

See if this sounds familiar: You constantly encounter young people who are spiritually hungry, but they're indifferent toward the Church. You know students who want to make a difference with their lives, but they're not flocking to your youth program. And you understand that the next generation doesn't want to be treated like consumers today, but they're not rushing to take ownership or responsibility for their faith either.

You're not alone. I've worked with thousands of youth workers who share your frustrations and helped them navigate the challenges facing youth work today—and overcome them!

It's not about 'working harder' or changing the recipe. And it's not a gimmicky strategy to get teens through the door. It's all about using a time-tested, tried-and-true process. 

Reach more students. Grow your church. Train young leaders. And quit doing everything alone.


Youth IN Ministry Academy

This comprehensive video course comes with interactive worksheets and exercises to help your church learn and apply practical strategies to build a youth program that meets the needs of the next generation and develops a truly transformative ministry with youth to fully engage them in the life and work of your church.

The course is $347 USD including:

  • 6 Training Modules (12 Videos)
  • 120+ Pages of Worksheets and Exercises
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • BONUS 1: Consulting Call with Tim and Ministry Review (Value $147)
  • BONUS 2: Grow21™ Mini Course for Building a Church-wide Mentoring Ministry (Value $97)
  • BONUS 3: SoWhat?™ Mini Course to Help Youth Start Ministries of their Own (Value $97)


If you were looking for a quick fix, this course is 100% NOT for you!

FULL-DISCLOSURE: This will more than likely be the hardest change in ministry you've ever made. And it will cost you time, sleep, energy, and perhaps blood, sweat, and tears, too.

But if you commit to pray, put in the work, stay on the path, and follow the process, you will see results far beyond your youth program. Your entire church will be transformed.


"If we aren't teaching youth to lead themselves, then what are we doing? Tim's approach and framework is fresh, leading youth ministry into the 21st century."

Mark Matlock
President/Founder, WisdomWorks

"What I’ve found helpful from Tim is re-thinking how to build student ministry at new campuses and church plants without a budget for staffing. It’s easier than you think!"

Gina Abbas
Student Ministry Director, Jamestown Harbor Churches and Author of A Woman in Youth Ministry

"One key reason youth are leaving the church is hiding in plain sight: they feel talked to instead of talked with. Tim's years of expertise and innovation is crucial today."

Rick Lawrence
Executive Editor of Youth Ministry Resources at Group and Author of Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry

"Youth leading in ministry has always been a great idea but only in theory for many of us. With YouEquip, Tim has taken the concept off the page and put it into practice."

Stephanie Caro
Author, Speaker, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects

"Tim has answers for the Church that are undeniable. This is the most biblically-balanced approach to youth work I've witnessed for NextGen ministry."

Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell Ministries

Course Description

The Build a Youth Ministry With Youth IN Ministry course comes with videos, worksheets, and practical exercises designed to get your entire church excited about equipping and empowering the next generation.

The course will includes proven strategies to help you treat young people like co-equals and train them as co-laborers in the cause of Christ.

You will discover how to create a youth program that gives young people ownership of their faith and leadership of a ministry they love.

Value: $688

Price: $347

6 Modules + 3 Bonuses

  • Understanding Youth IN Ministry
  • Strengthening Parent Support
  • Building a Team of Adult Mentors
  • Creating Total Congregational Buy-In
  • Establishing Measurable Outcomes
  • Learning to Teach through Asking Questions
  • Developing a Culture of Collaboration
  • Giving Teens Ownership without Chaos
  • BONUS 1: One-Time Consultation Call and Ministry Assessment Review (Value $147)
  • BONUS 2: Grow21™ Mini Course for Building a Church-wide Mentoring Ministry (Value $97)
  • BONUS 3: SoWhat?™ Mini Course to Help Youth Start Ministries of their Own (Value $97)

Try It 100% Risk Free

If you do the work, and you’re still not satisfied with the program, show me your work within 30 days of enrolling, and I’ll gladly give you a full refund. 

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Value: $688




Price Listed in USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
(Must Complete Module 1 and Show Work)


Value: $688




Price Listed in USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
(Must Complete Module 1 and Show Work)


About Tim

Timothy Eldred is a veteran youth worker, pastor, best-selling author, and sought after keynote speaker. He has trained thousands of church leaders around the world to equip youth IN ministry. Since 2005, he has served as the CEO of Endeavor Ministries, the oldest and largest youth movement in North America. Tim continues to mentor youth while also serving as the Lead/Founding pastor of New Beginnings Church. He lives in rural Michigan.


This course works for any size church but it has been designed for and proven countless times in small to average size congregations. You've never been in a better position than you are right now if you only have a handful of teens. Take advantage of your size and see it as a great benefit.

The course is on-demand, so you can watch each module when it's convenient. And we don't dump it on you all at once. Because we don't recommend 'binge training', the course is dripped out over an eight-week period, but you can take as long as you need to work through the training and transition.

In case you didn't know, the majority of all churches don't (and never will) have paid youth staff. And they don't need to either. When you make the shift to youth IN ministry, you'll see young people stepping forward and doing the work once done by adults.

First, there is no other youth ministry program out there teaching you how to give youth ownership of their faith and leadership of their ministry. Every other philosophy is based on adults running the show. This course is the foundation of youth work. Once you change your mindset, which is the hardest change, everything else will fall into place.

We hear that all the time and can't wait to change your mind. Is it because you don't think they have the capacity or because you're not sure how to raise the expectations and support them. Here's the truth: "The only thing young people can't do are those things we're too lazy to train them how to do." (Ouch.)

We'd encourage you to take as many people with you through this course as possible, but begin with your current adult leadership team. And without question, your pastor should watch it as well. If they aren't on board, you're wasting your time.

No catch. But you can't expect instant results. This is a process and it will take time. If you watch the first session and decide this course was a waste for you, email us within 14 days of watching the first session (the guarantee does expire on day 15 though).

Make the Shift and Start Producing Youth IN Ministry


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