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Youth work has entered a brand new era. But 99% of churches don't know what to do next. It's sad. Because the answer is actually quite simple.

You don't have to feel stuck any longer!



Building a transformative youth program to meet the unique needs of this generation requires rethinking and retraining in youth work. Our process is proven and available only through our online, comprehensive course.



Mistakes are the rich soil from which we all learn and grow, but there's no reason to make unnecessary missteps along the way when you can get help. Coaching gives you a fresh perspective, personal support by a trained expert.



Reshaping your entire design of next generation ministry to ensure that young people or fully engaged in the life and work of your church requires some outside expertise. Let an experienced consultant help you navigate the future.



Learning in community is a powerful experience. Join the YouEquip™ forum and get answers and support for your most pressing issues. Download free curriculum. Get coaching from Timothy Eldred and his team. And more!


"This is the most biblically-balanced approach to youth work I've witnessed for training young people in their faith."

Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell Ministries

"Youth leading in ministry has always been a great idea but only in theory for too many of us. With YouEquip, Tim is taking the concept off the page and putting it into practice."

Stephanie Caro
Author, Speaker, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects

"I wholeheartedly recommend that you let Tim’s passion and perspective reshape your ministry to the next generation."

Greg Stier
Founder, Dare 2 Share

"Taking teens deeper in their faith and releasing them as youth IN ministry is the heart of what I teach my youth ministry students. I urge you to let Tim reshape your church's ministry with youth."

Dr. Ken Castor
Crown College

"Tim is a voice that needs to be heard in youth work. His philosophy of empowering students is not only biblically-solid, but he has created practical pathways that give ownership to the next generation."

David Martin
New Life Church, Colorado Springs

"Tim is absolutely contagious. His experience will challenge you and his enthusiasm will bring out the best in your teams."

Tash McGill
Strategic Consultant

"We hired Tim for one reason—he understands how to put young people to work in the Church as the Church today."

Paul Walker
Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale

"Tim tackles the difficult issues of this generation and connects to their deepest pain while giving them hope and real solutions. Artfully honest and theologically a deep well."

Eric Samuel Timm
Orator, Author, Artist, Visionary

"The systematic way Tim teaches you to reproduce reproducers will transform your mind and your approach to youth work."

Mike Calhoun
Word of Life Institute

"Tim will change the way you, students, and leaders see their lives. But don’t waste his time or yours if you’re satisfied with your current results."

Jeremy Pettitt
Moody Bible Institute

"Tim is creative, captivating, and he has the experience to back up what he is teaching. His insights and his content are rock solid."

Jonathan Meyer
Grace Church, Des Moines

"Tim has completely challenged my thinking and changed the way I do ministry with youth instead of for them now."

Amos Gray
High Impact Ministries

Create Activists. Not Activities.

YouEquip™ is more than just our name. It's the job description for youth workers in the new era of youth IN ministry. Our transformative approach to youth work is time-tested and proven for any congregation of any size — anywhere.  But our focus is on overlooked and underserved churches who are considered "small" without paid youth staff. If that describes you, welcome to the majority. Let's get started on helping you build a youth program that grows your church!

About Timothy Eldred

Seasoned pastor, author, speaker, teacher, and 30-year youth ministry veteran, Timothy Eldred, has the expertise to help you create a youth program other churches envy without needing a full-time team or massive budget. Tim has trained over 12,000 youth workers from dozens of nations to make the shift from youth ministry to youth IN ministry and experience results they never knew possible.


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